Thursday, June 13, 2013


This evening I had the privilege to work with Mariah whose sister was the first senior photo shoot I ever did, and that was three years ago.  I'm so happy Mariah chose me to photograph her. I was excited to learn we were going out to where her sister keeps her horse as I used to ride and miss having a horse. It was a perfect day; here are some images from her session:

I can't decide which is more stunning

I hope everyone had a great day!!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nature love

There were so many photos I took over this past weekend that I thought I'd do a separate post of nature inspired images.

 These are of Mike's niece, Madelyn.

The mosquitoes were so thick. You can even see them in this photo!

These irises are in my mom's flower bed. I just love how vibrant the colors are.

This is one of my mom's yard art pieces. I just love the angel.

Hope everyone had a great day!!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Back in the day

This past weekend we went up to the camper. We finally had some good weather and couldn't wait to get up there. Last time we were camping we took a drive past our campground to the casino in Bowler. I couldn't believe all the things we passed that I wanted to photograph. I decided Saturday afternoon that I was finally going to take a drive.

I'm hoping next time I can get a little closer to this building. The house that is on the other side of the road from this doesn't look very inviting...I'm not sure it would be safe to just drive into an open field.

You can hardly see this bus from the road. I'm hoping next time Mike will come with me. I was a little nervous walking into the woods. I wasn't sure if animals would come running out at me!

I have a story that goes with this last photo but I'm going to wait until I have more details on it. Then you can see all the other photos I took of it as well  :)

Hope everyone had a great day!!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Adam and Kara

I was so excited for my first session of the year :) We had been trying to plan this shoot for weeks. Last weekend ended up to beautiful! Adam and Kara are getting married at the end of this month and wanted a few photos of them before the big day. We went to a local park that I haven't shot at before and got to work.

I look forward to their wedding! They were an amazing couple to work with :)