Friday, August 22, 2014

Mile of Music: Mile 2

This blog post was written by me and my mom. Hope you enjoy the photo overload!!! Some were taken with my cell phone so I'll apologize for the ones that aren't the greatest :)

Appleton's five-day Mile of Music: Mile 2  -  An amazing, incredible, awesome, fabulous, total music immersion that can't be described in anything but superlatives, including exhausting.  Having VIP passes made it even better because we attended two extra concerts, sat in on studio recording sessions, had preferred seating at several venues, and got to hang out with Cory Chisel and Richie Ramone (the drummer for THE Ramones).

Our only disappointment was that we couldn't hear every band on our list.  There were just so many great musicians . . . and they were everywhere!  When a band was between performances, you'd see the members at other venues, listening to and supporting other groups.

Some members of Swear and Shake watching Cereus Bright

Besides Lawrence Memorial Chapel, the outdoor venues, in particular, were simply fantastic.  Plus, we had five days of beautiful summer weather. I'd have to say it's a toss up between the Radisson and Jones Park for being my favorite venues.

Los Colognes from Nashville, TN performed at Houdini Plaza.


These are a few from the Tom Petty tribute concert that was held Thursday night at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel.
Cory Chisel

Christopher Gold

 Adriel Denae and Cory Chisel

The Guilty Wanted from Oshkosh, WI, played at Deja Vu.

Swear and Shake from Brooklyn, NY, played at Jones Park

Chase Cohl from Nashville, TN, played at the Radisson Paper Valley Courtyard.

Count This Penny from Madison, WI, played at the Radisson Paper Valley Courtyard.

Cereus Bright from Knoxville, TN, played at the Radisson Paper Valley Courtyard.


Sturgill Simpson from Nashville, TN, played at Houdini Plaza.

 Christopher Gold from Fox Cities, WI, at Lawrence Chapel
Langhorne Slim from Nashville, TN, at Lawrence Chapel.

Nikki Lane from Nashville, TN, at Lawrence Chapel.

The whole group from the More Out Than Outlaw concert.
Ruby Amanfu from Nashville, TN, at Lawrence Chapel.

Cory Chisel and Richie Ramone at Lawrence Chapel.

Matrimony from Charlotte, NC, at Houdini Plaza.

These final photos are from the Song Before We Go concert that was held at the Lawrence Chapel Sunday evening.
Robert Ellis from Nashville, TN.
Hugh Bob from Milwaukee, WI (originally from BUTTERNUT, WI).

SC Mira from Canada

Cory Chisel

Adriel Denae

The whole group from Song Before We Go

The members of our group (at various times and in various configurations) included me, Mom, Aunt Marsha, Uncle Jim and Cousin Cassy.  Sometimes one or another of us couldn't attend due to another commitment (me) or exhaustion (Mom).  Mom, Aunt Marsha and Uncle Jim got their picture on the front page of Sunday's Appleton Post Crescent.  OK, the background of the picture, but still the front page of the Sunday paper.

I was also excited to put some music themed notecards up at Studio 213.  Hope everyone had a chance to stop in and look at all the local artists' work!

With over 200 bands at more than 60 venues, most of them along a mile of College Avenue, there were 600+ performances.  Some of the bands even played Saturday morning at the Farmers' Market.  Can hardly WAIT for next year's MoM: Mile 3 which is set for August 6 - 9.  Come join us!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Miss Brooklyn

Every year I get excited for my annual photo shoot with Brooklyn. We always have so much fun :) Here are some favorites from her session.