Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Old Barn & House

Do you have a building or place that you think will stand forever? I do. It's an old barn and house that has been standing on my dad's property for 114 years.

As a child, the house was fully furnished but left vacant for years. There was plastic covering most of the furniture and the beds were left made. I used to walk around the house, wondering what it was like when the family still lived there. I wish I would have had the passion for photography that I do now so I could have captured it as it sat waiting for its owners to come back. The house began to deteriorate and the relatives of the original owners came and cleaned it out. Now it sits nearly empty, a few things left inside. Most of the windows are broken or removed, and the integrity of the structure gets worse every day.



I've used the house for photo shoots and I've also photographed details of a home that once had a family filling it. Thankfully the house is still standing. Every time I go home, I try to photograph different angles and parts of the house. One day, it won't be there anymore.

The flowers in the front of the house have bloomed year after year with no care.

That brings me to the sad part of this post. The beautiful barn that has been standing on the property fell down. This winter has been very hard on it with feet upon feet of snow piling on top of it.

I knew it was only a matter of time before it would fall....but you just never think that day is going to come. I've used that barn for many photo shoots and used to play in it as a child, as well.

                                           Before                                                          After :(
The next few photos are just details of the downed barn. In some of the photos, you will see that the boards actually just bent and didn't break.


I am hoping to salvage many boards from it to make various things. Maybe a headboard or wall display...I'm not sure, but I feel the need to save as many parts as I can.

If you have a building like this in your life...take time to sit and think about all the memories you made. Photography the little details that made it special for you. You just never know when it will be gone.

The photo below is of my grandpa's barn, the place where I spent most of my childhood. I learned how to ride horses, helped make hay, fished, and enjoyed every second of being a kid. I'm going to do a separate post on this beauty. It's an important part of my childhood, especially since my grandpa has been gone for many years. I'll never forget my days at the farm.

The same goes for the people in your life. Never be afraid to photograph those close to you. Tomorrow is never a guarantee. Sorry this was so melancholy but I just want you to remember to enjoy every second of life :)

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