Thursday, January 24, 2013

Still kickin butt!

It's been a little over a week since I've posted, but I'm doing better then before where it would be a month between posts!  Don't worry, though, because once camping starts, you will get overloaded with posts.

I have now officially completed 11 days of working out!  That's a huge accomplishment since I never worked out before.  After buying new shoes (the soles fell off the old ones), I was ready to kick some butt.  I'm loving every session and the trainers are amazing; I'll be sad when my sessions are up. 

My goal after that is to keep working out at home doing yoga and working with the Wii Fitness coach every day.

I started this 20-day challenge to feel better about myself and to kick-start getting in shape for Mike's work party.  I have until February 16th to fit in to this dress :)

Along with working out, I have drastically changed my eating habits.  No more soda and only alcohol for special reasons were pretty big changes for me.  The other part is eating more healthy foods and no more sugar.  The sugar part is still a challenge, but I can't believe how well I'm doing sticking to my eating plan. 
This was tonight's dinner :)  Yes, there is bacon in my wrap, but the rest is very healthy.  Just a grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and light ranch dressing.  Delicious!

Other than working out, I've been spending time getting my office put together (I promise to post pictures soon) and playing around with past photo sessions.  I purchased some action sets from Wish Photography and applied one of them to a photo of my step-brother's girlfriend, Sam.  Here is Before:

And this is After.  With some touch-ups, a little cropping, and Wish In Time Fallen Leaves action, I love how this one turned out!

That's all for today :)  Time for this girl to wind down and enjoy the rest of the evening before bedtime.  Hope everyone had a great day!

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