Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A little bit of spring and a look back

I'm getting more excited every day for spring to come. Today I noticed that my crocus are coming up!

My sedums, tulips, and daffodils are also making their debut.

I have one issue though...the rabbits found the bushes in my front flower bed. This is what happens when you don't cover your shrubs. Looks like I will be redoing our flower bed next month.


I have been going through my hard drive trying to get rid of some of my electronic clutter. I came across a shoot that I did with my step-brother's girl friend Sam. We do lots of shoots when I'm home which I use to practice ideas I have. This time I wanted to use the old house by my dad's as our backdrop. I wanted a very somber feel to this and that's why all the images are in black and white and her expression reflects the surroundings.


Love the reflection

Love the wall paper and the curtains that are still hanging.

The next time I go home I'm going to take more detailed shots of the house itself as it's not going to be standing much longer.

I hope everyone had a great day!

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