Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ice Ice Baby

Two nights ago we had a thunderstorm but never once did I think that when I woke up everything would be coated with ice.

When I let Aayla out, all I could hear was the eerie sound of branches cracking.  I felt bad for this little bird; there wasn't a bare branch to be found.

Even my flowers that are coming up got ice on their tips.  I hope it doesn't kill them!

I took a drive past Doty Park which is near our house. The ducks didn't seem to be phased by all the ice and creaking branches.

I decided to bring my camera to work because I knew I would have great high views from which to shoot.   These were taken from the top of the parking ramp.

In the afternoon, I took a quick walk outside to get some pictures of the flag, eagles, and some bushes outside the office.

The whole flag was covered in ice.  As the wind blew, the ice cracked and flew off.

This is view is down the road from our house.  Even at the end of the day, the trees were still covered in ice.

We were lucky that we didn't lose power.  Today the ice is all gone but it's been raining nonstop.

I hope everyone had a great day and let's hope the weather gets sunnier soon!

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