Monday, April 29, 2013

Opening Weekend :)

It's finally here, opening weekend of camping! This day never comes fast enough. The campground actually opened last weekend but the weather hasn't been the greatest, so we waited until this last weekend to go. I'm glad we did because, as you can see, there is still snow on the ground.

I was happy to see that our site was just the way we left it. Well, with a little ice and snow but other that, all was well. We spent the first few hours unpacking, raking, sweeping, and leaf blowing.

Aayla spent it relaxing in my flower bed. Lucky for her that flowers aren't coming up yet.

The first night there was an amazing sunset.

I can't decide which of these I like better.

This is how I spent my Saturday morning :)

The nice thing about going up so early in the year is that none of our neighbors are there. They don't turn the water on until mid May when the danger of freezing is past. With no one else up there, the birds were every where! I sat by the fire with my coffee, my camera, oh, and my husband, too, waiting for every single one of the birds to come to our feeder so I could photograph them.

I had the most difficult time with this cardinal. It never came close and it always hid in the brush. I'm hoping next time we are up there I'll be able to get a better shot.


This bird was very messy. He emptied one whole feeder by himself! Most of it ended up on the ground, but the other birds didn't mind.

Miss Aayla loves the outside time :)

I hope everyone had a great day!

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