Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk

This weekend Mike and I participated in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in Neenah. I have two people very close to me diagnosed with breast cancer.  When I was 15, my mom was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer.  I spend a whole summer taking care of her and making sure she had everything she needed.  She had a bell next to her bed that she would ring whenever she needed me.  I have to say, I was happy when I didn't have to hear that bell ring anymore.  She has been cancer free for over 16 years.

The other person close to me who has breast cancer is my Aunt Tracy.  She was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer a little over a year ago and since then has had two rounds of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and radiation.  In June we celebrated her 50th birthday with family and friends.

A few months after that she was told she had four brain tumors.  This was something no one in the family was ready to hear.  Aunt Tracy had more radiation with  a cyber-knife and will have more at the end of this month.  

Now that you have a little background, you can begin to understand how very important raising money for breast cancer research is to my family.  Aunt Tracy's 13-year-old daughter, McKenna, headed up a team of family and friends and raised over $3,100.  The whole event raised $90,000!  It was a cold, rainy day but it didn't stop family and friends from coming out and walking.  Here are a few pictures from our 3-mile walk:


 The leader of Team Amo, McKenna, and her sister Cassy.

 Me and Mike

 A team of nurses (and their families) who work with my Uncle Jim.  

 Our family and friends.

 The rain started to come down even harder as the walk began.

My Uncle Jim, Aunt Tracy and their daughter, McKenna.


 Not sure how well you can see the rain coming down, but it sure didn't want to let up.  
To add to the excitement, there was thunder and lightening, too!  

I'm so glad we were able to participate in this walk. 
 I'm looking forward to doing the next one but am hoping for better weather!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and if you are interested in any information on this walk, please visit http://makingstrides.acsevents.org

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