Wednesday, October 17, 2012

T-Shirt Scarf Project

I got in the mood today to make something off of Pinterest. I've been looking for ideas to make for Christmas presents and this is one of them. It's a scarf made from two t-shirts and a handmade flower. You can visit for the complete instructions for the scarf and the flower. Below, you will find my quick version :)
I decided on two gray XL t-shirts. They were a little over $3 a piece. I used a dinner plate as my stencil because I wanted the scarf a little longer.
 I cut four circles out of one shirt which gave me 8 pieces. Four from the front and four from the back. I then repeated the process with the other shirt.

Next, you start cutting the circles in a circular pattern until you get to the end. I cut my strips in 1-1 1/2" strips.

 I did two circles at a time. Repeat the process until you have all the circles cut in to strips.

I took each strip and shook them out so they would spiral naturally. Wrap it around your neck and take a spare piece of fabric to secure it where it is comfortable for you. You now have a new scarf :)

I decided that I wanted a little extra on mine so I made a felt flower. You can find directions for that as well on the website listed above. I will give you my quick version again :)
I made my flower out of one piece of felt that I purchased for $0.50. I used a water glass for my template for these which made 3" circles.
 I fit 12 circles on one piece. You actually only need 10 for this project.

Once you have all your circles cut out you will start by keeping one circle out for your base. The next step, you will follow for the next four pieces. Take a circle and fold it in half
 and then in half again. Attach it to the base with a dot of hot glue. Open the center fold and place a dot of glue on that as well and fold it back down. 

Continue this process with the three more circles.

For the second layer of petals you will do the same process but place them perpendicular to the first row. Once you finish, you will have a small empty spot in the center.

 Fold your last petal the same way and secure it with hot glue in the middle of your flower.

Now that everything is attached you can add a pin or hair clip to the back. I used a clip so I could attach it to the piece of fabric I used to hold my scarf together.

I hope you enjoy making a t-shirt scarf as much as I did :) It was a quick and easy rainy night project completed in less than 20 minutes.

                                                          Have a great night everyone!!!

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