Monday, October 1, 2012

Birthday celebration Part 2

Another birthday has come and gone. We planned a wonderful day with our friends to go to a Brewer game and the zoo this past weekend and we couldn't have had a more perfect weekend! We got up early and headed to Milwaukee so we could be there when the zoo opened.

                                         Here are some of my favorites from our zoo visit :)

                    I loved how peaceful this flamingo looked...and all while balanced on one leg.

The leaves are getting close to peak and put on quite a show. I couldn't stop taking pictures of them but don't worry, I'll only post of few of them :)

The penquins were putting on a show. They would waddle from one end of the rocks to the other but wouldn't jump in. Then all of a sudden one got pushed in by another penquin. Everyone that was standing was cheering for them to jump. It was funny listening to the kids get so excited when the one finally ended up in the water.


                         Some day I will have a pond or stream just like this in my backyard......

 I thought this bird had beautiful colors and he kept watching me and would follow me as I walked around to find the best angle. He even bobbed his head up and down following my every move.

This spider monkey just hung there staring at us. I'm happy I was able to capture this image.

After we finished at the zoo we headed back to the hotel to freshen up. The best part of going to the game besides the game of course is the tailgating!


                      The husband and I

Aaron and I jumped up and down, yelled, waved our hands, and danced with our sign but we never made it on jumbo tron :(
WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had such a wonderful birthday weekend. I'm so glad we were able to spend it with such great friends :)

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