Monday, May 20, 2013

Birds galore!

We had another beautiful weekend at the camper. The weather turned out to be really nice unlike the weather channel predicted.

We had many birds come and visit our feeders again. Tonight I'm going to go and get a bird book so I can identify them all!

I don't think I will ever capture another image this like. I call this ninja finch. The poor finch that got chopped was just minding his own business when the "Ninja Finch" attacked.

Two beautiful doves 

A little break from the birds. Another beautiful sunset :)

I saved these images for the end. You may recognize this field as I have photographed it quite often. It's right behind the campground and I can see it from our site. I happened to look over when I saw this eagle eating something in the field. I got as close as I could before he flew away.

Eagles are powerful but in their own way, they are so beautiful.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

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