Friday, May 31, 2013

Not what I had planned

Most Fridays we spend up at our camper. Today we decided we better say home as the weather was predicting storms. Guess what? Not a single drop of rain all day or night. After work, we went to dinner and then decided we should go for a walk. We drove to our favorite park and started our journey. We didn't get very far before I saw this mom and her babies.

It was the perfect evening for fishing.

Some of the houses along the water.

I'd love this one :)

The only bad thing about living by the water is the lake flies. They are every where. The things that look like dust particles in this picture are the lake flies. YUCK!

Some day I'll own this house. It needs tons of work but I love the mystery of it. We never see a car or any activity there. It's pretty spooky looking.


Miss Aayla got to go for a swim again

And the beautiful sunset to end the day :)

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