Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Birthday celebration Part 1

This past weekend we drove up north to celebrate my birthday with my dad. It was nice to get away for a few days because I have been super busy. The weather was warmer than expected and the leaves are already changing.

Once we got around Wausau, the clouds got really dark and we hit a little bit of rain. I love how this picture shows the levels of the clouds.

           This picture shows the storm behind us and how blue the skies were once we got through it.

                          There was one point where the clouds actually looked like mountains.

                                               We were treated to a pretty nice sunset too.

It was nice to finally get to my dads and relax. He made the most amazing meal. We had turkey, potatoes and beet greens. For dessert he made a cake with the most amazing frosting. It was pretty much like marshmallow fluff on a cake. YUM!


It was nice not to have an agenda this time around. I wanted to bring home some old wood to use for craft projects so my dad and I took apart an old outhouse that is on his property. Don't hasn't been used in ages and actually was filled in.

                                          This is the barn. I have a thing for old buildings....

                                  Here is a picture of some of the trees in the field by my dads.


                          This garage is along the highway and it makes me smile when we see it :)

Check back tomorrow because I finally tried my craft project using those empty bolts from fabric that I blogged about a few weeks back.

                                                      Hope everyone had a great day!!!!!

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