Thursday, September 20, 2012

Early Halloween :)

Last weekend our campground celebrated Halloween. We had such a wonderful time last year and now that we are permanent campers it's even better! I had so many ideas and there wasn't nearly enough time to get everything ready. I started by getting our food and drinks together the night before. Beer dip, jello shots, cupcakes and seasoned oyster crackers were on the menu for this weekend with brats and burgers as well :)

The cupcakes were my most fun project of the night. I found a really cute idea in Hello, Cupcake for a cupcake birthday cake. It will make more sense once you see the pictures. I had to make the cupcakes at home and will be decorating them up at the camper.

The first thing we had to do once we got up there was decorate the site! It took a few hours but turned out great.

Saturday was trick-or-treating day. We didn't have nearly enough candy! Every year it seems to get bigger and bigger. We handed out candy for the children, jello shots for the adults and dog treats for the puppies that came to visit :)

I should have known once we set everything out that we wouldn't have enough. Good thing our friends brought extra!!!
Here are the cupcakes all complete :) I think they turned out great! It was our friend Amanda's birthday on Sunday so I thought the Halloween theme worked out great. I hand decorated each cupcake and then my friend Mindy helped me put the candles together from cookies and runt bananas.
Miss Aayla had a long weekend and slept all the way home. Wish I could have done that!
We had such a great time this year and were so happy our friends were able to join us. Can't wait until next year!!!!!!

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