Friday, September 7, 2012

Labor Day weekend fun!

We had such a wonderful time this Labor Day. Camping is always so much better when you have warm weather! Last year we weren't as lucky. Everyone arrived safe and began to relax right away.

Here is a picture of everyone enjoying the water. The kids wanted to start swimming as early as 10AM!

Our island was even uncovered enough that we could all sit out and soak up the sun :) Even Aayla and Shadow gave in and relaxed. I love how Aayla fell asleep on his back.

For the past few years we have brought a few dozen ears of corn for everyone to eat. This year Pete decided he was going to deep fry some. I wasn't quite sure how that would turn out but the people who tried it said it wasn't that bad.

Here is the finished deep fried corn...If it was completely covered it would look like a large corn dog!

While we were setting up I saw one of these little snappers crawling around. Apparently when Mike dug out the fire pit he must of disturbed the nest. We found 11 total I believe and they were all released down by the water. I just hope we don't ever see them again!

                                             One of the nights we had a pretty sunset :)

And then the next morning I was up early enough to see the steam on the water. I know...I WAS UP EARLY! Those of you who  know me know that when I'm camping I sleep in :)

This year was so wonderful and we can't wait until next year already!!!! Here is a picture of the whole Labor Day crew :)

After we watched everyone leave and got Pete's truck running again...we headed to grandma's house. I took this picture of Miss Aayla in the truck. I think the leaf looks like a heart :)

Here is a picture of the hammock that my cousins and I played in when we were young. Many happy and funny memories were made in that hammock. I can still picture my cousin Katie and I wrapping up her sister Gretchen and spinning her around!

And finally here is a picture of the sunset we saw on our way home. It was so beautiful.

                    Hope everyone had a great day today and I hope you all have a great weekend :)

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