Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Barney and Meg

A few days ago my mom called and asked me a go with her to interview two cats. Yes, interview. She wants to bring home two orphaned cats named Barney and Meg. Sadly their owner passed away and they were brought to Orphan Animal Rescue & Sanctuary.

Everyone at the facility was very nice and the cats...well my mom and I fell in love! Barney decided my purse was going to make a good bed. He sat there 90% of the time that we were there! He is such a sweetheart.

While my mom was filling out the adoption forms Onix (a 4 year old male) thought my mom needed a little help.

Meg was much quieter and sat on her desk chair most of the time until she moved to her basket when we left. She loved it when we pet her and purred like crazy.

                                             This is Twinkle. She is a one year old female.

                                            This is Chrissy. She is a 4 year old female.

Both Twinkle and Chrissy were very friendly and would love to find a new home :) Please visit and click on adoptable pets.

This is Barney right before we left. I look forward to my mom getting a call saying she can adopt them.

                                                Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!!!

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