Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy early Easter

Today we celebrated Easter at my dad's house. This is the new dress I got yesterday :)  I just love it!

  I always love a home-cooked meal and my dad never disappoints. We had wonderful meal of a roast, pasta salad, baked beans and grape salad.  Everything was delicious!

It was so nice to see family.  Uncle Bob and cousin Gretchen came from Wausau, and Gretchen brought her baby Graham.  He is soooo sweet.


Gretchen, Me, Graham, and Grandma Ginnie

My great aunt and uncle came, as well.


After dinner we took a drive to Flemings Rapids. There was a light fog  over the water I was hoping to capture.  I managed to get a shot of two geese as they flew away.

 There was just a little bit of fog.  I think this picture shows how calm it was.
 Well, it's time to go relax and enjoy the rest of the evening.  Tomorrow we head back home and we'll be stopping to see more of my family.
Good night, everyone!

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