Thursday, March 14, 2013

Vintage Find

Last night I was already thinking about my project for today. There is a little back story regarding this project so I'll tell you that first.  Over a year ago I saw an idea in a magazine where uncommon objects were used as bud vases.  The one idea I fell in love with was a glass knob turned upside down and I've been searching and searching to find one at thrift stores, yard sales and ReStore.  I couldn't find one anywhere and didn't really want to just order one off the internet.  It wouldn't seem as special.

In the meantime, my mother had her basement door painted to look like an old weathered door.  It turned out great but something was missing; the modern door knob just doesn't look right.  That began her quest, as well, to find a glass door knob.

A woman I work with is always shopping at the ReStore and loves it.  In fact she's the person who found filing cabinets for me.  Well, the other day she told me of her latest find and yup, you guessed it.  She found a door with glass knobs.  I couldn't believe it!  My sister-in-law was standing by us as we were talking and she asked to see a picture of a glass door knob because she thought she had them all over her house.  Are you kidding me??!!?  I showed her a picture and she said she was pretty positive that some of her doors had the very same knobs.  She said she would bring one in for me.

I was beyond excited today to see if it was, in fact, what I've been looking for.  IT WAS!!!!!  It was even more beautiful in person.  I thanked her over and over and then emailed my mom to show her what I gotten. She got just as excited as me but, unfortunately, it was just the knob and not the whole kit which is what she would need.

I rushed out to buy some flowers just so I could make my vision come to life.  Mike had made me a mini backdrop with some old wood, and everything about it was perfect for my shoot.

                                I had some extra flowers so I put them in a milk glass vase.

I'm beyond happy how these turned out and it's exactly as I had pictured in my mind.

           Plus, how can you go wrong with some bright yellow flowers with spring on its way?!

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